Notice regarding COVID-19

Changes in how we do business in this challenging time.

COVID-19 Operating Notice

As a result of COVID-19 local governments are placing a restriction order that will be effective at 6:00 p.m. on March 24, 2020 that shall remain in effect until April 7, 2020, unless otherwise extended. All non-essential businesses must close.

Enterprise Property Management, Inc. will continue business operations in full compliance with the restrictions of this order, as Enterprise Property Management, Inc. is considered an Essential Business. To see what businesses are considered essential, please visit Memphis City COVID-19 Website.

Enterprise Property Management, Inc. continues to adopt all recommended Social Distancing advice. During this challenging time we will be restricting person-to-person interactions and limiting the movement of our staff to just essential business responsibilities.

Showings of Properties

Per a recent clarification sent by the Memphis Mayor Strickland's office (View PDF of statement), Realtors and Leasing Agents may continue to show properties in person, however we strongly advise that you view properties by lock box if at all possible. To do so, you should download and complete our Lock Box Prospect Card and return it to us by email at This will allow you to visit and enter the property yourself. We require Social Distancing, so viewings are restricted to 2 people unless you are a family already living in the same household. Should you require an in person showing of a property, we will be happy to do so. Please call our offices to schedule at 901-260-0206.

Lease Signings

Enterprise Property Management, Inc. offers digital lease signing. Unless you have circumstances that would inhibit your ability to sign a digital lease, this is our preferred method. Lease signings held in office will observe social distancing, with the use of hand sanitizer required of you upon entry. Although nothing can eliminate the spread of COVID-19 at this time, all surfaces in our lease signing conference room are treated with Lysol and Clorox wipes between lease signings, as is required by our minimal office staff.

Day-to-Day Business Operations

Please be advised that all Enterprise Property Management staff will be handling work matters remotely and the offices will be closed to 99% of all interpersonal traffic during this time. If you are a Resident with EPM, please recognize the following changes to our daily business responsibilities:

  1. Maintenance matters will be handled in the priority of emergencies first and discretionary matters, there after. Emergency maintenance includes essential plumbing, HVAC, essential electrical and roofing. Any sort of uncontrollable flow of water, including plumbing or roofing, or electrical hazard will be included in this list.
  2. It may be the case that your previously reported maintenance item has not been properly resolved for various reasons. If this is the case please Contact Us.
  3. Since the office is closed to the public, any special requests for extension of leases, renewals of leases, requests for delay of move out inspections or other very important matters whether lease or maintenance related should be sent in writing to us via Contact Us.
  4. If you have not already set up your rent payment to be received electronically, we currently require that you do so. Please login to the tenant portal for more information.

Homeowners and Investors

We look forward to responding to your questions and concerns and requests about maintenance and statements and ask that you leave your message for us by email. Please anticipate a response within 24 hours of any incoming email or voicemail message left during normal business hours.


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